Reputable case maker strongly believes the iPhone SE (2018) will ape the X notch

It may have seemed hard to believe at first that the long overdue second-gen iPhone SE would embrace the notch and “all-screen” design of the ultra-high-end iPhone X. But a generally reliable second source is now supporting that eccentric theory, also feeling way more confident than Steve H. a couple of weeks back.

Mobile accessories maker Olixar is in fact so confident that you can already pre-order a screen protector designed specifically for this new iPhone SE (2018) form factor. Knowing Apple, that name certainly makes a lot more sense than iPhone SE 2, but a premium build with razor-thin screen bezels for a mid-range handset does not.

Olixar also claims to be in possession of schematics “confirming” the iPhone SE “main body size” will go largely unchanged, although the sequel is now expected to measure a few millimeters less in both height and width while housing a bizarrely narrow notch.

That’s obviously no reason to complain, but it makes us wonder if the front-facing camera, earpiece and necessary Face ID-enabling sensors can all be squeezed into the 18.7mm area. That seems highly unlikely, which raises obvious biometric recognition questions with no physical home button doubling as a fingerprint reader in sight either.

All in all, we continue to be puzzled about the direction in which Apple could take the iPhone SE “family.” By the way, if you had to choose, would you rather get a radically redesigned new model with a notch and significantly larger display at a higher price point or a minor and affordable upgrade?

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