Apple was one of the world’s first major smartphone manufacturers to “courageously” drop the time-honored headphone jack a couple of years ago, succeeding in getting many Android OEMs to follow its example (as always), and make all of our lives just a little harder. But while other companies have brought the 3.5mm audio port back by popular demand, selling at least some products with the feature retained, the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus continue to exhibit the same courage as the 7 and 7 Plus.

Those of you hoping the oft-rumored second-generation iPhone SE will draw inspiration from its low-cost predecessor rather than its distant premium cousins are in for a world of disappointment, according to the latest Macotakara report based on information from unnamed case makers.

Apparently, while the iPhone SE 2 (name TBC) is expected to come with the same “main body size” as the original 4-incher, the good old jack will “disappear” for some mysterious reason. Apple might be trying to execute a thinner, leaner design or perhaps add water resistance to the SE’s bag of tricks, although you obviously can have it all. But you wouldn’t want a $400 or so new iDevice to offer a feature the fancy $999 iPhone X doesn’t, now, would you?

Of course, the iPhone SE 2 (if real) is otherwise tipped as a fairly modest mid-range affair, packing the iPhone 7’s A10 Fusion chip, supporting fingerprint recognition with a “traditional” Touch ID sensor in lieu of Face ID technology, and allowing you to make Apple Pay transactions with NFC functionality (well, duh). Wireless charging capabilities may or may not be adopted, as the refreshed 4-incher¬†would need a glass back, which Macotakara’s sources couldn’t reliably confirm. And yes, a May release is apparently very much on the table.

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