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Apple may be considering to move iPhone flagship production to India

By Samuel Martinez December 27, 2018, 9:30 am

Apple may be already looking for ways to avoid further problems with China as Trump’s administration has begun to tense commercial relationships between countries. The possible 25% tariffs on Chinese produced devices would affect the prices of many products including flagship iPhone models. Now an emerging market and seems like the best alternative that can still provide good manufacturing at a low cost.

Apple has been producing iPhones in India for a while thanks to Wistron, but these devices are usually older and less expensive models like the iPhone SE and the 6S. Now Apple could take an important leap into India with the production of the flagship iPhone X models. This information comes from a report from Reuters, and it explains how Apple would shift to Foxconn to start assembling its flagship iPhones as early as 2019. An earlier report had stated that this is part of a 5-point growth plan and that it could include a $356 million investment from Foxconn to expand their plant and production lines to handle what could be coming.


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