HomePod firmware may have also confirmed iPhone 8 wireless charging, ‘SmartCam’ and more

Remember the good old days when we effectively knew nothing for certain about Apple’s “revolutionary” new iPhone to be unveiled next month, although there was reason to anticipate an onslaught of major visual and under-the-hood changes?

That almost feels like an eternity ago, but believe it or not, it’s been less than a week since HomePod firmware nonchalantly made its way on the web, officially revealing and confirming a wealth of paramount information on the iPhone 8, aka X or Pro.

Of course, the general design language, Face Unlock functionality, screen resolution and Apple Pay-supporting Pearl ID tidbits had to be dug up from tons of code, so we may still be in for a few additional revelations as devs keep analyzing monstrous amounts of data on hand.

Case in point, it’s entirely possible Apple just corroborated inductive and fast charging speculation once and for all. The former term refers to wireless technology that’s not completely cable-free, requiring placement on a charging dock or pad you still need to plug into a power source.

Both features are extremely common for high-end Androids nowadays, and while we were hoping Cupertino could innovate with long-range charging, at least iPhones are finally getting with the times.

Speaking of innovation however, something called SmartCam or SmartCamera sounds quite special (outside of the DSLR realm), likely bringing scene detection functionality of sorts to the table this fall. The general iOS 11 or specific iPhone 8 table, that is, with multiple references to settings such as Fireworks, BrightStage, Sport, Sky, Snow, Sunset and Sunrise.

With SmartCamera, your next iPhone might be able to distinguish between various scenes and subjects, including children and pets, to intelligently tweak shooting features and snap the best possible photos focused on the things that count the most.

Finally (for now), there are signs of “freezeMotion” capabilities incoming, presumably to, well, freeze motion and capture a tricky target at maximum clarity while on the move. Game-changing? Not really. Cool and practical? Most likely.

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