iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus speculation has ranged from unexciting to disappointing, thrilling, implausible, outright absurd and all the way back again in recent months, as various so-called leakers, analysts and insiders appear to be getting increasingly desperate of late to make the headlines with outlandish claims.

Case in point, something that just isn’t in Apple’s DNA, nonetheless tipped off by JPMorgan as happening later this year. Are you ready for this? The “leading global financial services firm” believes the highly anticipated OLED iPhone 8 might be sold with bundled wireless AirPods.

Yup, the same “magical” headphones currently setting back iPhone 7 owners an extra $159 a pair, and still listed as shipping in as many as 6 weeks on Cupertino’s official US e-store. In order to pull that off, Apple and ODM partner Inventec would first have to magically ramp up production all of a sudden for the popular but controversial mobile accessory.

More importantly, an already extravagant bill of materials would further increase, driving the retail costs through the roof or substantially slimming down Apple’s profit margins.

Oh, well, maybe JPMorgan will have better luck predicting a retention of fairly thin top and bottom screen bezels on the high-end 10th anniversary iPhone. That theory and the accompanying diagram contradicts a number of previous rumors from relatively solid sources, but it’s not entirely far-fetched.

The iPhone 8 would still be an edge-to-edge affair… on the horizontal, radically altering its predecessor’s looks and perhaps finding room for a front-fitted Touch ID sensor. Meanwhile, both the redesigned flagship and incrementally upgraded 7s duo could adopt shiny glass on their rear covers, and support wireless charging.

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