iPhone 8, aka Pro, tipped for September launch alongside 7s duo, but in limited supply

With the sheer number of game-changing new features rumored to be baked into the top-of-the-line 2016 iPhone configuration, you must have wondered whether Apple perhaps needs to push back the typical release schedule.

The answer is yes… and no, according to a trusted team of Barclays analysts who “now believe that all three devices will feature wireless charging and will all be launched in the normal September timeframe, although the majority of iPhone Pro volumes may not be available until Q4.”

In short, the radically redesigned iPhone 8, aka Pro, iPhone Edition or X, is expected to go official alongside the largely iterative 7s and 7s Plus in September, then rapidly ship out to a lucky few early adopters, keeping everyone else waiting “until Q4.”

While “generally” optimistic parts suppliers didn’t spell out what comes next, it’s safe to assume the so-called iPhone Pro will remain scarce throughout the holiday season, due mostly to a “more complicated manufacturing process” than usual.

But it’s certainly nice to hear from another source that the iPhone 7s duo is also supposed to include wireless charging support, likely made possible however by accessories sold separately. Still, if you don’t want to wait for the potentially groundbreaking, probably overpriced iPhone 8, it’s good to know there will be decent new options widely available before Q4.

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