Only 4 million iPhone 8 units might be ready in time for a September launch, and it’s all Samsung’s fault

Apple appears to be risking a lot by cooking up an iPhone 8 (or X) anniversary edition with a never-before-seen design on Cupertino’s mobile devices. It’s an understandable gamble, given the redundant look of last year’s 7 and 7 Plus, as well as the competition’s great recent strides in the fight against bezels.

But it’s still a shot in the dark from Apple in many ways, as the supply chain seems hardly ready for a hugely popular iPhone with a radical new design. That glass back sounds tricky to manufacture in ample numbers by the typical launch window, not to mention truly game-changing components and features like in-screen fingerprint scanners or 3D facial recognition systems.

Oh, and let’s not forget the “edge-to-edge” OLED panels that Samsung is expected to exclusively provide this year. Although the Galaxy S8 and S8+ already sport such sharp, sleek, “Infinity” displays without keeping buyers waiting, anonymous “industry sources” just told Digitimes only 3-4 million “OLED-based new iPhone devices will be ready for shipping” before September.

That’s definitely better than 0, but let’s be honest, no one’s super-excited about the LCD iPhone 7s and 7s Plus also due out in September, only with lower prices and more “familiar” designs. Thus, it’s safe to predict superlative iPhone 8 demand right off the bat, even at $1,000+ a pop.

3 or 4 million units are a small fraction of how much the 6s and 6s Plus sold in their opening weekend alone a couple of years ago, so it could be a disastrous start for arguably Apple’s most highly anticipated product in ages. Hopefully, these rumors won’t pan out in the end.

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