It’s official iPhone 8 launch day, and demand still seems impaired by iPhone X shadow

Whether you agree with Apple CEO Tim Cook or not on the so-called “value price” of the fancy new iPhone X, there’s no denying this is a darn expensive slab, stateside and all around the world.

But it’s beginning to look more and more like iFans want the best mobile technology available period. Even if a less advanced, less glamorous iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are decidedly within reach, while Face ID and edge-to-edge innovation is set to keep enthusiasts waiting at least six extra weeks.

Of course, since Cupertino abruptly ended the time-honored tradition of releasing opening weekend sales numbers for new iPhones last year, and there’s no way to know what kind of initial inventory 8-series buyers are dealing with, it’s also impossible to guess exact demand levels.

Meanwhile, pre-orders seemingly got off to a promising start, though shipping times never slipped past the 1-2 weeks estimate. They even improved over these seven days, with many iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models up for grabs online from Apple now ready for delivery in 72 hours max.

Source: Reuters/Aly Song

Clearly, the company’s official e-store wasn’t taken by storm as in past years, with somber analyst predictions further backed by “muted” offline launches across the Asia-Pacific region. Reporters witnessing the commercial debut of the iPhone 8 duo in countries as diverse as Australia, China and Singapore unanimously judged the lines of early adopters as shorter and the general enthusiasm as softer than usual on “New iPhone Day.”

There’s no reason to expect substantially more interest in North America or on the old continent, as the iPhone X shadow universally looms large. Still, let’s not blow things out of proportion and prematurely call the 8 a lemon. It’s probably selling decently enough, just not exceptionally well by Apple standards.

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