New reports call for no iPhone 8 mass production until November, 7s duo enters ‘full swing’ in August

We’re a measly couple of months away from September 16, the day last year’s largely iterative iPhone 7 and 7 Plus started selling in over two dozen countries around the world, and the consensus among insiders, tipsters and analysts is that Apple can’t pull off a timely X launch.

Not properly and in sufficient numbers anyway, and it’s mostly because of the iPhone 8’s too many innovative new technologies, features and revised design characteristics. But will there at least be a few million OLED units up for grabs in September? Should we expect a delay of three weeks, a little over a month or could the iPhone X (8) be pushed back all the way to next year?

That latter hypothesis obviously represents the worst case scenario, and as such, it always felt highly unlikely. But now a reputable Chinese-language business publication cites trusted supply chain sources as alluding to a production start of the “OLED-version next-generation iPhone” postponed until “November-December.”

Only “small volumes” are expected by the Economic Daily News to ship “initially”, so basically, the vast majority of prospective iPhone 8 buyers would be left without a hot new handset for the duration of the holiday season.

That’s all Samsung needs to step in and crush even more sales and profit records, especially with 4.7 and 5.5-inch LCD-sporting iPhone 7s and 7s Plus variants also on standby for some reason, reportedly due to “enter full swing” in August, which is later than the beginning of volume production in previous years. Wait, so the 7s and 7s Plus could be in short supply at launch too? Sounds extremely messy… and decidedly far-fetched.

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