iPhone 8 dummy leaks are taken to the next level to illustrate likely design

Whether Apple will ultimately need to postpone the most highly anticipated iPhone release in, well, a decade or not, that’s still a ways off. A couple of months, at least. But while the radically redesigned Galaxy S8 slayer is yet to turn up in the flesh or even in credible, high-quality, press-friendly renders, everyone seems to know exactly how it’s going to look.

A barrage of (largely) plausible iPhone 8 mockups, dummy units, accessories and renders devised as a direct consequence have invaded the interwebs of late, and numerous tipsters and insiders, ranging from the famous to the infamous, are ready to vouch for all this material’s validity.

The problem is this may still be just one of several designs in (final) consideration, highly dependent on the execution and mass-production capacity of one or two delicate components and features.

It’s definitely the most exciting and progressive vision, which might explain why so many leakers want it to materialize. One of them, Twitter’s Benjamin Geskin, aka @VenyaGeskin1, even went so far as to pair an iPhone 8 dummy with a printed picture of an iOS 11 wallpaper and one of those screen protectors floating around to better simulate the “real-world” look of the “bezelless” device.

Meanwhile, Steve Hemmerstoffer, aka @OnLeaks, is back with a nifty duo of images starring what Geskin claims are “CNC made iPhone 8 dummies”, not “actual” devices. Basically, computer-aided designs made “real”, once again to mimic as closely as possible the most likely prototype currently in development.

You know, the one with an “edge-to-edge” OLED panel, top front cutout for a selfie camera and various sensors, fingerprint recognition embedded directly into the screen, a shiny rear glass cover, and bulging dual snapper featuring vertically-arranged lenses. Hot or not?

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