Who needs real-world leaks of actual working iPhone 8 prototypes in pre-release, unpolished form when we can check out Apple’s major hardware redesign from all angles courtesy of the most detailed, carefully refined and believable dummy unit yet?

Well, no, it’s not exactly the same thing, and we’re still keeping an ear to the ground for eventual pictures and videos starring more than a computer-aided simulation of the so-called iPhone X.

But the four-minute clip embedded below is undoubtedly a rare, exquisite treat, allegedly showcasing a “device” manufactured “via CNC process”, based upon “3D CAD sourced directly from the factory in charge of building the new iPhone.” In other words, it’s something far more special and meticulous than a shabby shell, rough mockup or even a dummy + screen protector + printed wallpaper combo.

Of course, “some details” may still change “before the official launch” in September or October, though the main ingredients in Cupertino’s revamped recipe for success are so certain and close we can almost taste them.

Once again, we’re looking at an arguably glamorous curved glass back, minimal-bezel front likely sporting a sharp new OLED display, as well as a divisive top screen cutout for various sensors and a selfie camera, not to mention an even more controversial duo of rear-facing shooters arranged vertically.

The hump is the contentious part, apparently boosting device thickness from 7.5 to 9.1mm. On the decidedly bright side, everyone’s expecting more screen real estate here than on the 7 Plus, yet the iPhone 8 is tipped to be both overall shorter and narrower, at 143.5 and 71mm respectively. Oh, yeah, and the Touch ID scanner is nowhere to be seen, which could mean it’s outor hidden under the screen. Hype level – over 9000.

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