European carrier insiders predict September 12 iPhone 8 announcement, September 22 launch

It’s usually not very hard to estimate the announcement, pre-order and commercial launch dates of new iPhone generations with a margin of error of no more than a week, but with rampant pre-production “panic” speculation these past couple of months, no credible source, insider or tipster dared to guess the exact fall 2017 timeline.

For a little while there, it looked like Apple could end up nudging the iPhone 8 out of the traditional September release schedule, and either keep buyers waiting after a “classic” device introduction or also put off the presentation itself until later in the year.

In more recent weeks however, analysts and industry pundits have gradually grown optimistic, unanimously reporting a mass manufacturing start in line with previous family members.

A French publication with a decent track record of Cupertino-related gossip and predictions now feels reasonably confident forecasting the radically redesigned iPhone 8 (or X), alongside largely unchanged 7s and 7s Plus variants, will break cover on September 12.

This is more than an educated guess, mind you, as informants on the inside have allegedly confirmed the date already. We’re not talking Apple employees… just yet, but rather regional carrier sources, though their reliability should still be rock-solid.

September 12 is a Tuesday, of course, which sounds appropriate, presumably setting the stage for a pre-order kick-off on Friday, September 15, and delivery from September 22. Then again, it’s probably safe to expect very limited iPhone 8 inventory both online and in physical stores come the next 22nd, even if this rumored timetable proves 100 percent legit.

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