Pretty much every “new” iPhone edition in recent memory has been rumored at one time or another to launch commercially later than “usual” due to various supply issues, component shortages or just the nondescript production mishap.

With the exception of a very special iPhone 7 and 7 Plus color though, Apple has always pulled off its planned fall rollouts of both incremental and major mobile device upgrades. Demand has obviously exceeded supply on more than one occasion, but hardcore iFans have been able to get their hands on many millions of revised iPhones every September for several years now.

Why would 2017 be any different? Well, the “bezel-less” design (with a “notch”) indeed looked trickier and more time-consuming than traditional past builds, not to mention Apple’s risky reported reliance on a single OLED screen manufacturer, a few super-advanced sensors and AR-enabling technologies or all the Touch ID confusion.

For once, delays seemed inevitable, even understandable, but all of a sudden, analysts, tipsters and insiders have started to unanimously reduce their pessimism. Today, it’s Digitimes’ turn to claim signs in the iPhone supply chain indicate that “production for new iPhone devices is gaining momentum.”

That’s devices, plural, and comments on production “gaining momentum” rather than timidly kicking off for the iPhone 8. “High expectations” should still lead to a gap of sorts between the OLED model’s supply and demand, but without a doubt, at least according to these industry sources, the 8, 7s and 7s Plus will all be available in September in largely adequate numbers. History may repeat itself after all.

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