Largely unchanged iPhone 7s duo could add red to ever-growing palette

Tired of often repetitive, occasionally contradictory and generally unreliable iPhone 8 rumors? Let’s switch it up for a few minutes, and talk about… the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus.

No, they might not be the same thing, and in an unusual turn of events, Apple could release them all at once rather than a year or so apart. Of course, the names are tentative, but if we understand it correctly, the OLED, all-glass, possibly borderless and wireless charging-supporting iPhone 8 may have very little in common with incrementally updated versions of the 7 and 7 Plus.

Taiwanese “supplier sources” tell gossip-focused Japanese tech blog Macotakara that the “basic design” of the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will “remain the same”, with just a souped-up A11 chip inside, and surprise, surprise, new red color option.

A standard, widely available red chassis coat of paint, presumably, as opposed to an AIDS awareness-raising limited edition (RED) line of accessories including battery cases and Apple Watch bands. Red would be “added in the color line up”, apparently, which likely means jet black, normal black, silver, gold and rose gold aren’t going anywhere.

Mind you, today’s speculative report mentions nothing of a prospective iPhone 8 or perhaps 7 Pro with radical upgrades and design revisions, but there’s absolutely no way the aforementioned is all Apple’s cooking up after the iPhone 7’s already mediocre set of improvements. No glass-first construction, no wireless charging, and no OLED screen?! No way Jose.

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