2017 iPhone 7s lineup could include ‘medium-sized’ 5-incher with vertical dual cam

While many Apple-specialized analysts, tipsters and rumormongers from various backgrounds and parts of the world are starting to agree on the number of 2017 iPhone models currently in the pipeline, the target of each main configuration remains a key point of contention.

It’s possible only one top-shelf, “exotic” iPhone 8 is coming as early as next year, with an all-glass construction, dual-curved OLED screen, minimal bezels, wireless charging capabilities, and other cutting-edge features in tow, whereas the 7s and 7s Plus could mimic their predecessors’ general design language and very slightly tweak a few essential specs.

But wild new gossip out of Japan, itself deriving from Taiwanese “supplier” sources, today calls for a three-part iPhone 7s release plan consisting of the same old iterative 4.7 and 5.5-inch versions, as well as a “medium-sized” 5-incher.

No words on a name for this head-scratching middle ground iOS device that’s apparently supposed to share “basic specifications” with the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. In case it wasn’t confusing enough though, rumor is “iSight Duo” cameras will be installed vertically instead of horizontally this time around. Just on the 5-inch config or on the 4.7 and 5.5-inchers too?

It’s the first of many unanswered questions, with all iPhone 7s/8 features likely to be finalized during Apple’s second fiscal quarter of 2017. Until then, let’s take everything, especially this sort of sketchy speculation, with a nice pinch of salt… or a fistful.

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