Analysts expect 3GB RAM iPhone 7 Plus, Lightning-to-audio dongle bundled in

And so it’s come to this. Boring rumors about boring accessories to be shipped with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as standard. But wait, don’t go anywhere just yet. The latest assortment of iDevice speculation originating from Deutsche Bank researchers also includes some higher notes.

The thing is these are well-known and documented for the most part, from the dual camera practically guaranteed to adorn the plus-sized model’s back “for better zoom” to “possible” stereo sound, a new color (blue or black?), and the “endlessly discussed” 3.5mm headphone jack elimination.

Other prospective upgrades, like “professional class water-proofing”, optical image stabilization on the 4.7-inch variant, and a revised home button that simulates a click and could last longer than the current physical key, have themselves been debated without tipsters reaching a consensus.

The German financial mammoth’s analysts and rumormongers strongly believe the iPhone 7 Plus will feature 3GB RAM too, which is a relatively unexplored theory, though Apple is unlikely to make a big fuss about such an improvement anyway.

Finally, we circle back to the seemingly lackluster ports and headphones piece of the puzzle. With the age-old audio connector out of the picture, Cupertino is now tipped to offer free Lightning-to-3.5mm dongles to iPhone 7 buyers as opposed to direct Lightning-attaching EarPods. Pretty big deal after all, don’t you think?

Source: Business Insider
Via: 9To5Mac

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