Possibly the most significant hardware upgrade of the upcoming 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus (not Pro, not 6SE) has stopped being a secret a long, long time ago. Countless renders and live pics initially starring dummy units and mockups, and ultimately actual device prototypes, as well as recent video material shows the subtly redesigned iPhablet featuring a brand-new, trend-following dual rear-facing camera.

But what about the smaller, likely lower-end and considerably cheaper iPhone 7? It’s also not a big mystery that a more conventional single snapper with a larger lens shall grace the back cover of the 4.7-inch 2016 iGadget, though it’s now possible the bulging sensor holds one extra trick up its sleeve.

Yes, optical image stabilization could finally go from a Plus-exclusive goodie to an iPhone family-wide thing, if presumed leaked photos of a revised 7-bound camera module turn out to be legit, and one credible source’s assumptions come to pass.

A quartet of tiny incisions in the shooter’s metal lid suggest there might be wiggle room for the OIS-enhanced cam to provide more clarity even in low light conditions or while moving around and trying to capture a sharp still. Don’t rejoice too soon, though, as confirmation will only arrive early next month.

Source: NowhereElse
Via: MacRumors

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