All is not lost yet, as iPhone 7 could still feature traditional headphone jack

Those of you who love surprises and hate having leaksters, tipsters, insiders and industry analysts reveal every little thing about every new high-profile gadget well in advance of their actual formal announcements should be happy to see so many iPhone 7 puzzle pieces still missing.

It’s possible Apple will take the wraps off the follow-up duo to the 6s and 6s Plus as early as August, and yet even the move away from a 3.5mm headphone jack isn’t set in stone for the time being. It sure seemed so, but a fresh and semi-credible supply chain leak changes everything, starring some never-before-seen circuitry.

This is different from the one used on the iPhone 6s, shrinking and repositioning a few cables and ports. Then again, it doesn’t appear to ditch any vital components, accommodating both Lightning and classic headphone connectors.

iPhone 7 headphone jack

It was all a lie then? Perhaps, or maybe Apple only intends to drop the 3.5mm jack on the larger iPhone 7 Plus, with the 4.7-inch model kept traditional, thick and affordable. Anything’s possible really, including this latest exposé turning out to be a big, fat fake, and Cupertino having backtracked on its redesign plans following widespread criticism.

Of course, making the iPhone 7 thinner than all its predecessors wasn’t the only rumored reason of the controversial transition, with the headphone jack standard getting a little long in the tooth, and stereo speakers a potential replacement feature and upgrade.

Source: Weibo
Via: 9To5Mac, Nowhere Else

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