Spreading like wildfire: iPhone 7 burnt to a crisp in Australia, Apple ‘aware’ of the incident

Before Apple gets too excited at the prospect of stealing as many as 7 million customers away from Samsung after the highly publicized Galaxy Note 7 recall and ultimate discontinuation, the Cupertino-based tech giant should probably speed up investigations into its own vexing iPhone fire complaints.

While still relatively isolated, reports of new and old iDevices spontaneously combusting in familiar fashion are starting to multiply, the latest involving a just-released iPhone 7 allegedly purchased only a week ago in Australia.

Its owner, a young South Coast surfer and surf instructor, claims he didn’t drop or juice up the handheld using a third-party charger in the short time he could have messed with its circuits. Nonetheless, the iPhone 7 badly damaged his car from underneath a change of clothes, randomly catching fire while its unsuspecting proprietor was taking a surf lesson.

This Mat Jones individual certainly seems sincere talking about how all the windows on his vehicle “were just black”, and the phone a “total burnout” when he returned to find a “big heat wave” coming out of the car, the interior a “charred mess” filled with smoke, and ash “coming from inside the pants” where the gadget was located.

But let’s give Apple a bit of time to look into the incident’s circumstances before rushing to conclusions and calling for a Note 7-similar recall. Something about this feels out of place, don’t you think?

Source: 7news

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