Apple blames ‘ambient air’ for unexpected iPhone 6s shutdowns, still looking into some complaints

While Cupertino’s unusually prompt reaction to relatively widespread iPhone 6 and 6s “bricking” issues in China was certainly praiseworthy, Samsung’s recent Galaxy Note 7 explosion fiasco and especially the confusion still surrounding the phablet’s discontinuation taught Apple quick answers were also imperative.

Hopefully, the “information about the iPhone accidental shutdown” just shared on the tech giant’s regional support webpages has been a little more thoroughly researched, checked and double-checked than the competition’s first Note 7 quality inspection findings.

Apparently, it’s not a “security issue” that caused a “small number” of iPhone 6s units produced between September and October 2015 to randomly freeze, halt all operations, and refuse to charge or boot back up.

Instead, believe it or not, air was the culprit here. Specifically, a central battery component’s exposure to “controlled ambient air for too long” before said component was “loaded into the battery pack.” That sure sounds… unusual, so much so in fact that we believe it may well check out. It’s simply too weird to be fabricated.

It also means that, for the “affected” iPhone 6s range, everything should be a-okay after Apple’s voluntary free battery replacement program. But another “small number of customers” outside this “area” have been reporting unexpected shutdowns as well, and “more information” is needed ahead of a verdict, battery swap or recall, with an “additional diagnostic feature” coming as part of an iOS software update next week.

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