Believe it or not, even a tremendously well-oiled money-making machine like Apple’s needs occasional fine-tuning work here and there to continue firing on all cylinders. While certainly big on the old continent, and dominant stateside, iPhones have historically struggled in markets such as China or India, which are becoming more and more important for the financial health of any tech conglomerate.

Despite obvious recent advances in both those hugely populous countries, Cupertino was also forced to take uncharacteristically drastic price-reducing iPhone 5s and 6s actions. The two year-old model is now sold on Indian shores starting at the equivalent of $370, whereas the fresh 3D Touch-capable generation goes for $730 and up.

$730 may still sound excessive to an American ear, given the cheapest iPhone 6s costs $650 around those parts, and it has since day one of local availability, but it’s in fact a cool 200 bucks off the inaugural MSRP in India.

Otherwise put, the average retailer used to charge Rs 62,000 for a 16GB spanking new iOS 9-powered 4.7-incher, and now the same sellers ask “just” 48,500 rupees for the same exact iPhone 6s configuration.

Similar rebates were of course applied to higher-capacity 6s versions, as well as all 6s Plus models in the past couple of months, as Apple tried to “boost flagging sales” after a post-Diwali demand nosedive.

Specifically, 64 and 128GB iPhone 6s variants cost roughly Rs 63,000 ($950) and Rs 75,000 ($1,130) respectively, and the 6s Plus fetches 62K, 75K and 86K rupees in 16, 64 and 128GB derivations, down 15 percent, give or take, across the board.

Now, before you even start appealing for comparable discounts outside the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market, keep in mind a 128GB iPhone 6s, for instance, only sets back US buyers $850.

Source: The Times of India

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