Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 (Video)

If you watched Pocketnow’s Moto X vs Galaxy S5 comparison, you’ll remember that for a huge swath of the US, Samsung’s Galaxy S line is the de facto iPhone alternative. If you’re not buying Apple, odds are you’re shopping for The Next Big Thing (despite the fact that there’s a whole other platform out there, but I digress).

Given this iPhone vs Galaxy mindset, it seemed prudent to put the best of Apple up against the best of Samsung to see who came out on top. While our comparisons generally avoid focusing on a “winner,” preferring to leave the ultimate decision up to you, I decided to share my personal impression this time around. You’ll get to know which of these phones I’d take home –for whatever that’s worth– and my answer might surprise you.

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iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 Video

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