Here’s how you can tune in to Apple’s iPhone 6 event

Today’s the day, everyone. After months of anticipation, speculation, and leaks, we have it just the way we like it – we have a general idea of what to expect from the Cupertino company, but the launch is still shrouded in mystery. The event today isn’t just limited to members of the press, as there’s a full Apple iPhone 6 event live stream and many other ways of learning about the announcements as they arrive.

The best way to get your Apple fix today is through the company’s own live stream, which should be going live at the link at the bottom of this post just a bit before the event begins. Unfortunately, not all of you are going to be able to watch this stream – and for more reasons than you’re probably thinking. Apple live streams only work with Mac computers running OS X 10.6.8 or later (and only with the Safari browser version 5.1.10 or newer), and iOS devices on 6.0 or anything newer. The live stream should also work with Apple TV, too, though only the second and third-generation models running a software release 6.2 or higher.

If you’re without a capable Apple device at the moment, you’re not entirely out of luck. It’s possible that the live stream may crop up on YouTube through unofficial means, but you need not worry about all of that if that’s not your thing – just keep it locked to Pocketnow as the event unfolds at 10AM Pacific tomorrow (that’s 1PM Eastern, or 5PM GMT) as we’ll be posting news right as it comes in.

We’re not entirely sure at what point of the presentation the new iPhone will break cover, but Quartz has gone through the last couple keynotes involving an iPhone launch in order to try to predict the timing – they found that, on average, the new iPhone is announced about 45 minutes in. But considering that the agenda for today sounds pretty packed, and the fact that the last two iPhone events got straight to launches 12 and 22 minutes in (respectively), you’ll want to tune in at least ten minutes after the start of the keynote to be safe.

In case you want a recap of what to expect, we’ve put together a rumor roundup piece that’ll clue you in on what Apple could announce today. Keep in mind that some things are still big question marks to us, including the construction of a 3-story building outside of the Flint Center – we’re not sure exactly what that’s about, but we’re sure excited to find out.

Folks, we’re just as excited about Apple’s event today – which is garnering even more media attention than usual – as you are, and we’re sure you’re eager to share your thoughts, so drop them down in the comments section below if you would.

Apple iPhone 6 event live stream link

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