In case you didn’t notice, the iPhone 5s and original iPad Air are no more

Apple has never been in the business of selling ancient gear for pennies, and thus cater to its most cash-strapped fans. Instead, essentially every new iPhone and iPad makes an old one go away, with limited spots apparently in the iRoster at any given time.

Obviously, that goes double for the iPhone SE, which resembles the 5s a little too much on the outside while packing exclusively 6s internals. In order for the iPhone 5s to cohabit with its long overdue sequel, Cupertino needed to significantly bring the former’s price down. Like, massively down. Like, to $300 tops.

That always seemed unlikely, and of course, it didn’t happen, as the fall 2013 release was silently discontinued and replaced on the Apple Store with the iPhone SE. Third-party retailers will probably struggle to clear lingering inventory for at least a few more weeks, the lowest current ask on Amazon being a steep $385. Steep for what the retro 4-incher has to offer, and even steeper compared to SE’s $400 starting tag.

Meanwhile, though the 9.7-inch iPad Pro isn’t technically a new iteration of the Air family, Apple can’t afford to cannibalize itself by selling half a dozen marginally different iOS tablets. And so, the OG iPad Air must go, leaving the Air 2 as the only semi-affordable 9.7-inch option, at $400 and up.

The diminutive iPad Pro starts at $600 and goes all the way up to $900 with 256GB storage and no LTE, whereas the iPad mini 2 and mini 4 set you back $270 and $400 respectively in their entry-level configurations.

Still want to buy a first-gen iPad Air for some reason? Then waste no time, and be prepared to cough up around $320 on Amazon.

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