For the launch of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, Apple elected not to stream the event to the public. Sure, Apple set up some special links to its separate, satellite launch events in Berlin, Tokyo, and Beijing, letting those who attended there watch the action unfold in real time, but all of us stuck at home were relegated to reading live blogs of the proceedings. Even though there wasn’t a live stream available at the time, Apple’s finally making it available now, ready for you to catch-up.

We hit most of the major points in our posts about the iOS 7 update and the iPhone 5S and 5C launches, but if you’re a hardcore Apple fan and really care about filtering through all the minutiae, you’ll probably still want to check this feed out for yourself. Beyond getting details on some of the aspects we may have skimmed over, like some of the new software arriving alongside iOS 7, you’ll also get to see the videos Apple prepared as well as see all the slides that accompanied today’s presentation.

This being Apple, we shouldn’t have to warn you that running QuickTime is a requirement for watching (not that Microsoft is any better, always trying to force Silverlight to be a thing), but if you’ve got the software in place, hit up that source link below to get busy watching; the whole thing runs under 90 minutes.

Source: Apple
Via: Pocket-lint

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