Apple iPhone 5 Will Look Like This?!?

We know you are craving for today’s iPhone 5 rumor so here it comes: look at the above picture and get used to it because some say the Apple iPhone 5 will look that way, despite all the Internet talk about it being generally similar to the iPhone 4.

According to new rumors (sources) the next generation iPhone will look more like an iPod touch rather than an iPhone 4. It will also inherit its tapered design from the MacBook Air. Instead of eliminating the Home Button, it has been enlarged and rethought: it will also serve as a gesture area — remember the capacitive Home Button rumor.

Let’s take a look at the rumors we’ve heard so far: a more powerful processor, a possible return to the aluminum backplate, a redesigned antenna, a larger, four-inch screen, an eight-megapixel camera and then a 12.6-megapixel one.

According to today’s dose, the four-inch screen is likely to be one of 3.7-inches (which is only a .2-inch increase) while maintaining the same resolution, slightly impacting on the 326 pixel density of the Retina display, dropping to 312ppi.

The aluminum backplate could or could not happen as there are no certain indications Apple will ditch the iPhone 4 glass back in favor of older generation aluminum one. Also, the tapering on the mock-up above is a bit exaggerated according to an update on the source. Other speculations include a possible inductive charging method to be utilized (or not) as well as a chipset allowing for dual dual CDMA-GSM operation — in the vein of recent indications from Verizon.

So there you have it: a rumor that could make your day or shatter your iPhone world. While the mock-up above can be far from what we’ll see in Steve Jobs’ hand — or just exactly the same — we’ll leave it up to you to decide on its looks. Specs on the other side, with added features, are roughly outlined but can also be far from the truth. Now, if this would be the exact way the next iPhone would look, would you buy?

Source: ThisIsMyNext

Via: TiPb

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