Apple deploys bug-fixing iPad Pro Smart Keyboard update

Apple’s largest tablet to date isn’t for everyone, and sales numbers seem to support its struggle to gain mainstream traction. It’s possible a smaller variant we always assumed would be dubbed iPad Air 3 will turn things around for the Pro family, but right now, the 12.9-incher’s select few owners should be happy to hear their first Smart Keyboard firmware update is live.

In order to download and install it, all you need to do is disconnect the productivity-enhancing peripheral from the iPad Pro, then link them back together, and tap Update once prompted to do so.

There’s only a single issue this aims to fix, but it’s a big, annoying one. Namely, a system glitch that randomly woke the iPad Pro up from sleep mode when attached to the Smart Keyboard. Anything else wrong with the laptop replacement, you’ll have to wait until iOS 9.3 exits beta next month to dispose of.

It’s probably wise to give it some time if you’re thinking of purchasing the tab too, as it may get discounted following its 9.7-inch cousin’s release. At least through third-party retailers, which continue to charge $800 and up for the standalone 12.9-incher, plus $170 for the Smart Keyboard, and $100 for the Apple Pencil, just like Cupertino does.

Source: Apple Support

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