Apple skeptical about initial iPad Pro sales, claims report

…or is it? First, here’s what the report claims: citing unnamed sources from the upstream supply chain, Apple has reportedly placed orders with the supply chain for “only” less than 2.5 million units. These so-called limited orders refer to the near future, specifically the period of time between the end of 2015 and first quarter of 2016.

If we consider the sales performance of the iPad in Apple’s financial Q1 (October to December) of 2014, when the company sold 26 million (combined), the 2.5 million number above doesn’t seem optimistic at all, but the iPad Pro is a completely different product.

Introduced on September 9, the iPad Pro will go for $799-$1079; throw in an extra $100 for the Apple Pencil, and $170 for the Smart Keyboard, and you’ve got yourself an expensive tablet, at a price point at which

Is Apple really skeptical about the initial iPad Pro sales, or does the company want to play it safe with a product that has no sales history to rely upon?

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Source: DigiTimes

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