iPad Pro horizontal logo and camera placement

Current generation iPads have the camera placed on top, in a vertical position. That means the device is off-side when you’re in landscape mode on a conference call, and it may not look the best, and it could easily be covered by hands and fingers. A new leak suggests that future iPad Pro tablets may be placed horizontally by default, and might also have the camera placed on the side.

A new leak by Dylandkt suggests the Apple logo on the back may be placed horizontally on the back of the device, and the landscape mode could become the new default on iPad Pro devices. It’s not yet confirmed whether this new default mode will come to the currently existing iPad Pro devices.

Dylandkt posted the following on Twitter:

“Future iPad Pro’s will feature a horizontal camera placement and a horizontally placed Apple logo on the back. Apple will make landscape mode the default for iPad Pro usage. I have not confirmed whether the next generation model will have this feature but it is in the works.”

Personally, I only used an older iPad for a few weeks for testing purposes, but the new camera placement and position would make a lot of sense, especially on the larger Pro models and on the new iPad mini with smaller bezels. When reading and such, the device could easily be rotated vertically to read more comfortably, and while browsing or multitasking, it could be used in landscape mode to see more on the screen at once.

As it stands, nothing is set in stone, and we’ll likely have to wait a while to see more leaks confirming whether this actually becomes a “feature” on newer models and whether it’ll also be available on current, older devices. Dylan only mentions the iPad Pro series at the moment, and there is no information whether the newly announced iPad mini or the iPad Air would receive such an “upgrade”.

    iPad Pro (11-inch, 2021)

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