Top Apple lawyer resorts to paper backup when his iPad Pro crashes in front of Congress

After several weeks of heated controversy, heavy accusations of Apple support for terrorism, and counter-accusations of the public’s violation of privacy by the FBI, the most important encryption dispute ever has finally reached the US Congress.

Before it can be decided if legislature must be passed to back tech companies or law enforcement organizations in similar cases in the future, the two parties offered their arguments yesterday, with Bruce Sewell obviously taking on central deposition duties for Apple.

Sewell has been Cupertino’s general counsel and senior vice president of Legal and Government Affairs for several years now. Thus, he must know a thing or two about iDevices and how to get them to simplify his work.

But during yesterday’s Congress testimony, an iPad Pro used to read a prepared official statement from caused the seasoned lawyer a major headache when it either froze, unexpectedly shot down the app the document was saved in, or locked up the screen, requiring the re-entering of a presumably long passcode.

Luckily for Sewell, a backup copy of the statement was ready for consultation in a good old fashioned three-ring binder, and conventional paper ultimately saved the day. Still, it’s no doubt embarrassing to see a “professional”, productivity-oriented gadget malfunction, for whatever reason, in such a delicate situation. Hopefully, the US Congress won’t hold this against Apple too, allowing the FBI to freely pry into the affairs of people yet to be convicted of any heinous crimes.

Sources: Cult of Mac, YouTube (3:32:50 mark)

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