The smartphone industry’s next big time to shine may be Mobile World Congress in just another month, but for fans of Apple hardware, the date to look forward to is a couple weeks further out still: since early December, we’ve been hearing about Apple’s plans to introduce its latest mobile gear at an event sometime in March. We still don’t have a precise date, but the latest rumors have zeroed-in on a timeframe right in the middle of the month, possibly the week of March 14. But assuming this event does happen, what could we hope to see on the agenda? By the sound of the latest rumors: pretty much everything.

This March event first popped on our radar as a possible launch platform for the second-gen Apple Watch, and while recent reports have been downplaying the extent of changes that might be in store, it still sounds like this new hardware could be a key component of the announcements. At the least, we should have some new material options to look forward to, maybe with a focus on new band designs.

Similarly, we’ve long been hearing talk about the role of the new four-inch iPhone in these festivities, and while there’s not much in the way of direct evidence linking it to a March announcement, the timing feels right enough that doubt is pretty low.

The newest component to Apple’s launch rumors concerns its next tablets, with sources now indicating that new iPad hardware will join the rest of this gear at the March event.

As to exactly what iPad hardware could be waiting, the sources don’t have a definitive answer, but the best guess right now is the iPad Air 3. We’re certainly overdue for a new full-sized iPad model, and rumors have already indicated that a H1 2016 release was likely for the tablet.

While 3D Touch may not be present on the new iPad Air, the tablet could pick up a trick from another of Apple’s recent models, with support for the iPad Pro’s Apple Pencil. That doesn’t sound like a done deal, but reports of Apple testing such a solution suggests the company may be considering making the Pencil a broader part of its tablet family.

With a phone, at least one tablet, and new wearable options, could Apple’s March event end up stealing even MWC’s thunder?

Source: 9to5 Mac

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