The first ever gargantuan iPad Pro was probably the main reason Apple prolonged its traditional 12-month 9.7-inch upgrade cycle for the first time in history, but if you feared the iPad Air had become history, there’s reportedly no reason to worry any longer.

Several fairly trustworthy sources have been telling us to expect the Apple iPad Air 3 sometime in H1 2016 for a while now, with the ETA just narrowed down to March. That’s likely when the iOS tablet is supposed to go official, commercial availability starting in Q2, according to Digitimes and its intermittently credible “supply chain” moles.

The good news is may be looking at far more than an incremental upgrade, with such radically altered ultra-high-end features on deck as 4K display resolution and up to 4GB RAM.

Wait, what does “up to” 4GB RAM mean? Will Cupertino sell different configurations, perhaps pairing 2 or 3 gigs of memory with 16, 32 or 64GB internal storage, and go all-in on a top-of-the-line 4/128GB variant?

It doesn’t really sound like Apple’s normal m.o., and neither does a sudden jump in screen pixels, from 2,048 x 1,536 to at least 3,840 x 2,160. Besides, if that fishy enhancement is indeed in the works, the Air 3 would ironically trump the first-gen Pro’s sharpness numbers (2,732 x 2,048 pixels), which makes zero sense.

Bottom line, take everything Digitimes tries to feed you with a pinch of salt (or ten), including talk of “improved battery life.” That seems like something Tim Cook & co. would focus on, but you can’t have both a mind-blowingly crisp panel and stellar endurance scores unless the iPad Air 3 gains a good deal of weight.

Source: Digitimes

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