Apple expands collection of iOS VoiceOver-capable apps for Blindness Awareness Month

October is not just Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and HTC isn’t the only mobile industry veteran looking to lend a hand for a noble cause. Apple takes affirmative action to further improve the iOS user experience of people with disabilities, namely visually impaired folks, for Blindness Awareness Month.

VoiceOver, the world’s first gesture-based screen reader, was baked into the iPhone’s operating system way back in June 2009, when the 3GS generation debuted. Since then, Cupertino has made a series of tremendous efforts to help the blind and those with low vision seamlessly enjoy as many of the same features and apps as iFans who can see perfectly.

Now, the library of VoiceOver-supported iTunes titles has grown to no less than 33, including essential social networks and communication services such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Messenger or ChitChat, dominant video-sharing website YouTube, as well as various other popular applications like BlindSquare, Flipboard, Shazam, BBC News, Skype, Dropbox, and iBooks.

Some of these have been on the list for ages, while a few are only now joining the fun, with the added ability of guiding users around their interfaces through sounds and gestures. Nicely done, Apple!

Source: AppleVis

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