Apple is unlikely to merge iOS and Mac apps this year, project codename now unknown

Just in case Apple CEO Tim Cook wasn’t clear enough in his recent comments rejecting a possible unification of iOS and Mac apps, arguing the very beginning of a merger between the two platforms would come with “trade offs and compromises”, John Gruber says the “Marzipan” project is dead.

Perhaps “dead” is not the right word, as the reputable writer, podcaster and UI designer claims to have learned from several “first- and second-hand sources” that a “cross-platform UI project” is indeed “active” at Apple right now.

But it’s no longer codenamed Marzipan (if that was ever the case), and it’s unlikely to materialize this year, as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman initially suggested. According to Gruber, a 2018 public debut was probably not on the table all those months back either, and the technical details remain largely under wraps.

A 2019 release for iOS 13 and MacOS 10.15 seems like the safest bet at the moment, which means the WWDC 2018 event of early June is getting less and less exciting. Then again, an iPhone X-inspired SE 2 would be enough for many people to view the conference as the high point of the summer.

While chiefly mysterious, the iOS – MacOS merger initiative is being described by Mark Gurman as a “declarative control API.” That’s just as unglamorous as it sounds, and it could end up making the work of developers a little easier while changing almost nothing for everyday users of the two operating systems. But all in all, we really don’t know anything for certain.

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