Apple announces iOS 9 with a more proactive Siri, and more

Apple’s WWDC 2015 is currently on its way, and Cupertino is breezing through the presentation like never before. This could be that there is a lot more to expect than what we predicted recently, but for now it’s all about a new OS X and a new iOS.

Apple has just announced iOS 9, and we do see that it’s more than just the conservative update that was rumored. Apple is focusing on improving the foundation of the OS with changes that are focused on giving users better battery life, performance and security enhancements.

Siri also gets some major improvements as Apple has decided to make it more proactive. First of all we get a new UI when you call on Siri, but another major change is that Apple finally allows you to swipe to the left to get proactive information, yes, just like Android. Siri also allows Interactive responses to basic language like “show me photos from my last trip to Utah” and it will filter these automatically. Context has been expanded for you to say “remind me about this”. When it comes to its new proactivity, it learns from your behavior. If you plug in your headphones, the phone will offer the now playing music you have and allow you to play it instantly. Siri will also automatically suggest calendar appointments from your mail. It can even suggest contact phone numbers for unknown callers based on email. The left swipe will be smart enough to suggest contacts, places near by, and since Apple is also announcing a new search API, this will also allow third-party developers to take advantage of this.

Apple also brings cool changes to its bare-bones Notes app with a new tool bar, new checklist options, images, doodle options, links, etc. Apple maps also received some major improvements, so much so that we have a separate post to talk about it, and the same goes for Apple’s iPad updates with iOS 9.

When it comes to battery life improvements Apple claims to bring users 1 hour of extra autonomy with iOS 9, in addition to a new low power mode that extends battery life for 3 hours on average. When it comes to security, Apple is now bringing two factor authentication for iCloud, which follows on Google’s footsteps.

Apple also announces a new app with iOS 9, which is called Apple News. Apple has garnered free content from sources like the New York Times, in addition to other major publishers in order to provide a new experience in a new and intuitive design. We should learn more about this in the next few weeks.

iOS will be supported by all of the devices that were supported by iOS 8, which includes the iPhone 4s and even the iPad 2. Even cooler, new architecture improvements reduce the amount of free space that you need to install ioS 9. We now go from 4.6GB to just 1.3GB. Developers will get their hands on the beta later today, and a public beta will reach everyone else in July.


Source: Apple


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