Apple rolls out iOS 9.3.4 with ‘an important security update for your iPhone or iPad’

Almost two months on the heels of iOS 10’s announcement during WWDC 2016, and likely still at least 30 days away from the commercial launch of the latest big platform redesign, it may seem a little counterproductive for Apple’s software engineers to continue focusing on ironing out iOS 9’s arguably numerous kinks.

But if there’s one thing Cupertino takes more seriously than marketing, that’s definitely security, and apparently, iDevices running iOS 9.3.3 were left vulnerable to a memory corruption issue, despite patching a great number of bugs, as did builds 9.3.2, 9.3.1, 9.3, and so on.

iOS 9.3.4 fixes the problem, and not much else, probably hitting your iPhones (models 4s and later), iPads (2 and later, Minis and Pros), plus iPods (Touch 5th and 6th generation) over-the-air as the very last system tweak before moving to version 10.

The details on the exact nature of the squashed bug are scarce, though Apple does admit it potentially allowed intruders to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges, which sounds pretty scary. Good thing a group of Chinese jailbreaking specialists known as the Pangu Team signaled the vulnerability, even if that means not being able to gain root access for even more than 10 years.

Source: Apple Support
Via: ArsTechnica

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