Apple is rumored to launch iOS 7.1 until a possible March event

Historically Apple has proven to be very diligent about its iOS beta releases. The company follows a specific schedule, and we’ve hardly ever seen it go beyond a fifth beta, or a second release candidate of any version of iOS that it launches. That said, we do have to remember that there is new leadership in-charge of iOS, and proof of this is the amount of bugs that many of us put-up with on the iPhone 5s and iPad Air, or even worse, the new rumor that iOS 7.1 beta may go for longer than expected.

Reliable but undisclosed sources that are close to Apple are talking about a launch of iOS 7.1 until March. Now even though there is nothing groundbreaking about iOS 7 that we’ve seen in the beta releases, reports have it that Apple will announce the update in a public event to be held during that month. We do remember that years ago we would always get an event in the Spring to announce Apple’s iPad line-up. Things changed quite a bit last year, but it could just be that Apple is planning an event after Samsung laid its Unpacked event on us for the possible Galaxy S 5. Rumors also mention that this event will probably be centered on the Apple TV (meaning a real TV), but that is yet to be confirmed.

Whatever the case may be, don’t hold your breath for iOS 7.1 just yet.

Via: 9to5Mac


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