College football fans brilliantly mock Apple for recently fixed iOS 11 autocorrect bug

Just in case you needed a little public demonstration of Apple’s influence and popularity out in the real world, where mobile consumers don’t care too much about analyst predictions or yield rates, a group of tech-savvy college football fans proved once and for all who’s boss among US smartphone vendors.

During Saturday’s 48-3 thrashing administered to Michigan State, a seemingly innocuous Ohio State Buckeyes chant unexpectedly turned into a scathing (and hilarious) criticism of a widespread recent iOS bug.

The letters “O” and “h”, enthusiastically vocalized by half the people in attendance at the Ohio Stadium game, were followed by a slightly less exuberant “i” shout accompanied by a strange sign from behind one of the end zones.

Strange for folks who might be unaware that iOS users couldn’t type “i” for a little while without autocorrect taking over and changing the lower-case letter to a silly combination of capital A and a question mark in a box.

It’s safe to assume there aren’t many people around Ohio State campuses unfamiliar with the software glitch, which by the way was fixed relatively quickly, making this expert trolling effort both embarrassing and flattering for Apple. After all, there’s a reason these well-choreographed pranksters chose not to mock Google for the Pixel 2 and 2 XL’s arguably more serious issues.

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