iOS 10 adoption proceeds at sluggish pace, Tim Cook stresses Android’s doing worse

If you perhaps hoped Apple would spice up a mostly tedious announcement event of an otherwise alluring new MacBook Pro with some playful jabs thrown at controversy-marred arch-rival and occasional business partner Samsung, we’re sorry to report no Cupertino exec cracked a single boom joke.

Instead, the captain himself, CEO Tim Cook, very seriously pitted the latest iOS 10 adoption numbers against the state of the Android ecosystem, although he must have known full well that’s an apples and oranges comparison.

But he couldn’t have possibly examined the 60 percent slice of the pie consumed by the freshest iOS build in contrast to version 9’s scores a year ago. While iOS 9 needed a measly five days to reach over half of active iDevices, its sequel barely totaled an official 54 percent share after around four weeks of availability, adding another 6 percentage points in 18 days.

That’s certainly not great by the software support champion’s standards, which is probably why we were reminded less than one percent of the world’s Android gadgets run 7.0 or 7.1 Nougat, with last year’s Marshmallow also stuck at sub-20 percent usage. Not cool on Apple’s part to rub salt into Google’s wound, but not cool of the search giant to paint itself into a corner either.

Source: Apple
Via: Mashable

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