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Apple investigating iPhone 8 Plus units coming apart

By Jules Wang September 29, 2017, 3:05 pm

There’s always going to be a few bum units that make it past the quality assurance phase when it comes to mass production, but when it’s Apple, the pinnacle of perceived mass mobile technology luxury, it’s going to be a “point and laugh” situation.

Two reports, one each from Taiwan and Japan, have surfaced in the first week of shipments for the iPhone 8 Plus where the device bloated to the point where the display separates from the chassis.

In the Taiwanese incident, one Ms. Wu received her unit on September 23. The separation occurred three days later after it was on the charger for just three minutes. An Apple Store received the unit for repairs and is investigating.

The Japanese user posted pictures of their unit, which came separated from right out of the box.

They are exchanging their unit.

ifeng relays from South Korean media that the batteries that may be responsible for the bloating are sourced from Samsung SDI and LG Chem — the two make batteries for many smartphones from different manufacturers, though SDI is known as being involved in producing the batteries for the recalled Galaxy Note 7.

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