Apple Introduces iOS 5 (Video)

Today at WWDC 2011, Apple lifted the veil off of the next major release of iOS, version 5. It brings changes in several new areas including notifications, the lock screen, Newsstand, Twitter integration, Safari, Reminders, Camera, Mail, PC-Free, Game Center, iMessage, and some other stuff. iOS 5 will be shipping this fall and will support iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, both iPads, and generation 3 and 4 of the iPod Touch.

Update: Apple has now published the video feed from today’s keynote address. Double-click to play/pause.

Notifications: New is the Notification Center which you can access at anytime by swiping down from the top. No longer do animations interrupt your work flow. Instead, you’ll get an animation at the top of the device implying that you have a new message. It’s also much easier to clear notifications for a specific category.


Lock screen: Notifications now accumulate on the lock screen, allowing you to action on a particular notification by swiping on it.


Newsstand: Most publishers are onboard already. Newsstand is a unified magazine and book section of iOS.


Twitter: Twitter is now integrated into iOS, meaning native apps like YouTube, camera, and Maps can tie into the service for one-click tweeting.


Safari: The iOS web browser, Safari, now has real tabbed browsing. A new feature called Reading List forgoes the need to click through to multiple pages of a review or article.


Reminders: This is a new inbuilt list-making app. It uses your GPS location to remind you when you have to do something. You can set the reminder to occur “when you arrive” or “when you leave” a given area.


Camera: There is now a shortcut to the camera app from the lock screen. The Volume up button now takes the photos. You can also add grid lines to your photo, plus you can pinch to zoom on your subject. There’s now the ability to crop and rotate photos right from your device. Finally, red-eye reduction is now added to the camera pp.


Mail: New to mail are rich text formatting, control indentation, flagging, S/MIME, draggable addresses, system-wide work lookup, search entire message, and more. Also of note is the the keyboard has been enhanced: you can get a split keyboard for better thumb typing.


PC-Free: No longer do you need to connect your iOS device to a computer before using it for the first time. Software updates are now OTA except for the major ones.


Game Center: New features to Game Center include better game discovery, achievement points, recommended friends, and others.


iMessage: Similar to BBM, iMessage is a new messaging service between all iOS 5 customers. It includes SMS, photos, video, contacts, and group messaging. It shows delivery receipts, read receipts, typed indications, conversations continued from iPhone to iPad.


Other stuff: There are a lot of other things they talked about, like new multitasking gestures, WiFi sync to iTunes, adn iPad 2 mirroring on a TV through WiFi.

Images via: MacRumors

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