How many times have you sent someone a text message and waited around anxiously for a reply, never even quite sure that they got your SMS in the first place? It’s a harrowing fact of modern-day digital life, and it’s stressful enough when everything’s working right, so imagine the frustration ex-iPhone users experienced when they discovered that iMessage was effectively holding certain text messages hostage, failing to properly forward them on to the device now associated with their old SIM. Apple ultimately provided an iMessage deregistration tool, but the damage was done, and affected users filed suit against the company. This week, Apple emerges victorious from that legal action, as the class action suit is dismissed.

While good news for Apple, it’s less than a satisfying outcome for those users who found themselves missing important messages, especially with the court failing to rule on the substance of their complaint.

Ultimately, the suit was dismissed due to factors like the majority of the plaintiffs discarding their old iPhones, and subsequently being unable to prove exactly where the misrouted text messages ended up.

Apple may never be held accountable for the old behavior of iMessage, at least not in the way these plaintiffs would have wanted, but at least with the subsequent publicity surrounding the issue, and the availability of Apple’s deregistration tool, this is hopefully a situation few ex-Apple users will find themselves in ever again.

Source: Business Insider

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