Apple doesn’t typically “forget” about hardware products unveiled at glamorous events like WWDC or the iPhone X-headlined September 12 keynote, with most recent iDevices, Macs, Watches and so on commercially released mere weeks or even days after their formal announcements.

But prospective HomePod buyers need to wait until “early 2018” to get their hands on the first ever Cupertino-designed smart speaker, and for a little while there, it seemed like the June-unveiled iMac Pro was also headed for a silent delay.

Fortunately for professionals looking to spare no expense and make zero design and performance compromises, by far the most powerful Mac ever built will be able to meet Apple’s self-imposed December launch deadline.

Namely, December 14, i.e. this Thursday, is listed as the beast’s availability opener on its manufacturer’s official website, which technically means you can still add it to your Christmas wishlist.

Just keep in mind the iMac Pro is priced at $4,999 and up stateside, capping off at an 18-core Intel Xeon processor, AMD Radeon Pro Vega GPU with 16GB dedicated memory, 128GB RAM, and 4TB all-flash storage.

We don’t even want to imagine how much you’ll need to cough up for that obscenely powerful top-level configuration, which is apparently only supposed to start shipping in 2018. We’ll have more details on specific pricing for other versions on Thursday, though you may also like to keep your options open for a redesigned Mac Pro confirmed to be in the works a while ago.

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