Apple offers more iCloud storage for less on top-tier plan: 2TB at $10 a month

It’s not every day that you see Apple slash the prices of any of its successful hardware products or software services without strings attached, catches or compromises, but we’re guessing cloud storage competition is heating up so intensely the Cupertino-based tech titan had no choice.

Yes, one particular iCloud plan that was perhaps less popular than the other two options just got a massive data hike on the heels of all those exciting WWDC 2017 announcements.

Technically, you’re not looking at a discount, as you’ll still pay $9.99 a month stateside for the top tier of Apple’s remote content hoarding platform. But instead of a “measly” 1TB allotment, you’ll be able to go all the way up to 2 terabytes.

That’s a lot of family photos, home videos and whatnot, and speaking of families, you’ll soon be able to share your 200GB or 2TB data plan with relatives or even close friends sans anyone paying extra.

Family Sharing functionality will be enhanced with iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra in the fall, though there’s no revision, upgrade or price reduction in store for the 200 gig iCloud subscription.

But both that and the 50GB option were already quite affordable, at $2.99 and $0.99 a month respectively, so the only thing that Apple still needs to do to completely leave Google Drive in the dust is increase the current 5GB free allocation. Let’s be honest though, that’s an unlikely move.

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