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Apple iCloud+ offers you more for the same price

By Anton D. Nagy June 7, 2021, 2:12 pm

Apple continues with its WWDC21 announcement, touching on more service, this time around, with iCloud. Enter iCloud+, a higher-tier iCloud subscription which thankfully doesn’t cost a penny/cent more.

With iCloud+, you get more benefits for the same amount of dollars you put in.

Private Relay

With Private Relay, Apple will make sure that whatever you do on your device in terms of browsing stays private. While other browsers could potentially expose your activity, with Apple iCloud+ and Private Relay, your traffic is leaving your device in an encrypted state. There are two internet relays encrypting your activity in such a way that not even Apple can identify your activities, ensuring your complete browsing privacy.

iCloud Plus

Hide my e-mail

The second feature of iCloud+ is built into Mai and Safari, making sure third parties are not going to track you based on your email address. You know, all the websites ou share you share your e-mail address with? That’s now safely being kept private by Apple, and this iCloud+ new feature.

How much does Apple iCloud+ cost?

Last, but not least, how much will all of this cost? Not a single dime. Apple made it clear that the iCloud+ features will retain the same prices iCloud currently have across all of its tiers.

Having all of this in mind, there’s absolutely no reason to opt-in on iCloud+

…oh, and if you have several home security devices set up on your account, those will not count towards your quota, so you’re basically free to set them up and feel comfortable and safe that your home is protected.

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