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Huawei is willing to sell its 5G chips, but only to one company: Apple

By Anton D. Nagy April 9, 2019, 12:30 pm
Balong 5000

A recent report suggested, contrary to previous ones, that we might only see a 5G iPhone in 2021, instead of 2020. The reason hinted was the lack of 5G chip solutions. Intel is a tad behind, Qualcomm talks to Apple in the courtroom via lawyers, and Samsung or MediaTek are “unlikely solutions”. Huawei, on the other hand, through its subsidiary, HiSilicon, is designing its own chips. The Kirin processor is a very powerful chip fueling the latest smartphones, and the Balong 5000 is its own take on 5G.

Engadget has learned that contrary to its previous policies, Huawei is open to selling its own chips to a single company that could make an exception. Apple.

Balong is mainly for supporting Huawei’s smart products, such as phones and IoT products, and is currently for Huawei’s internal use only

Looks like the company is willing to take a step to the side from this strict policy. Whether the reasons behind this is simple collaboration or combating politics is unknown. It also might take some time for the deal to be signed, but the fact that Huawei might be open to such a move (which needs to be accepted by Apple) is already a step that breaks the rules.


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