Apple slaps HomePod with predictably high $279 out-of-warranty repair price

Today is Apple HomePod launch day, which means you should finally be able to find the Siri-controlled Amazon Echo “killer” in authorized stores across the US, UK and Australia, as well as have your pre-orders fulfilled, presumably without delay.

Marketed as “gorgeous from every angle”, with a “seamless” mesh fabric design aimed at both “aesthetic and acoustic performance”, the very first Cupertino-made smart speaker is probably not as prone to damage as your typical iPhone or iPad.

But if you’re afraid you’re somehow going to drop it or physically harm it in any way, it’s definitely wise to cough up the $39 AppleCare+ warranty extension fee. You’ll need to settle an additional $39 service fee per “incident” of accidental damage as long as that doesn’t happen more than twice, which obviously beats the standard costs of iPhone AppleCare+ coverage.

Just like with the iPhone X, the alternative is pretty scary, as Apple’s recently updated support literature reveals out-of-warranty HomePod repairs and replacements will set you back $279 a pop.

The HomePod itself commands a list price of $349, so if worst comes to worst, you might as well save yourself some hassle and simply buy a new unit. Who knows, maybe it’ll even get discounted by third-party retailers soon, considering how crowded and competitive the smart speaker landscape is looking nowadays.

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