More Apple Watches, fewer iPhones for holiday sales, says analyst

The number shroud covering Cupertino has historically self-imposed. A lack of detailed sales figures has stoked speculation and secondary sources flowing in the wake. Forecasting the weather is hard. Forecasting sales? Even trickier. When it comes to Apple, there is no shortage of analysis from Wall Street firms to Silicon Valley viewers. The latest digits coming from KGI hit the crucial Thanksgiving to Christmas bonanza.

But first, the trading firm’s report is laying out predictions that Apple will have sold 48.5 million iPhones last quarter, up 23.6 percent from last year. 22 million are estimated to be iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus units.

Through the past year, iPad sales are expected to sink by almost 10 percent. Mac purchases may slow marginally, but quarter-to-quarter, they could be up 13.3 percent.

Real numbers will go out on October 27 in Apple’s Q4 earnings call.

Onward to first quarter of next year where KGI is revising its forecast of iPad Pro sales down from a floor of 4 million to half as much. Component quality issues from Sharp are supposedly to blame.

Other figures to look ahead to for the season:

  • 14.5-15.5 million total iPad shipments (average estimate of 41 million for the calendar year, down 16 percent)
  • Average 5.5 million Mac shipments
  • 3.5 to 4 million Apple Watch shipments
  • 70 to 75 million iPhone shipments

Those estimates for the iPhones prove very interesting as they could end up as the first year-over-year decline in Q1 iPhone shipments. While introductory frenzy over the iPhone will sustain sales in China, there seems to be audience malaise for upgrading to the iPhone 6s over the iPhone 6.

The future is calling.

Source: KGI
Via: 9to5Mac, MacRumors, BGR

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