Apple Granted Important iPhone Multi-Touch Patent

The ongoing legal war between Apple and Samsung (and maybe other OEMs too) is probably going to be a bit more interesting now that Cupertino has managed to secure an important iPhone patent.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent for the “core iPhone multi-touch”. When Cupertino first introduced the iPhone in 2007, multi-touch was just one of the approximately 200 innovations Apple filed patents for. Without going deep into technical explanations related to the way multi-touch works, it is definitely described as “sensing a plurality of events occurring simultaneously or nearly simultaneously on an event-sensing panel”.

The above patent could very well be used by Apple in lawsuits as Android-powered phones and even Windows Phones are using multi-touch as core operations. The question is whether Apple is willing to throw in the ace being known that Google, Motorola, Microsoft and others are probably also holding key patents of their own that could be held against Apple. One thing is definitely worth noting: multi-touch on smartphones became mainstre4am after Apple introduced it with the iPhone in 2007.

Source: PatentlyApple

Via: TheDroidGuy

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