Apple could still get in the GPU design game with help from former Imagination execs

If you listen too closely to the rumor mill, you may get the impression Apple wants to take over the world. Self-driving cars, borderless phones, video streaming services, medical-grade wearables, smart speakers, everything and anything you can imagine is said to be in the Cupertino pipeline.

But before letting your imagination run wild, it’s good to remember this is a company that worked for years behind closed doors on the first consumer-oriented Apple Watch, allowing everyone from Pebble to Samsung and Motorola to beat it to the punch.

So, yeah, even if all signs seem to point to an imminent Echo rival launch, give it time. The same goes for Apple’s middle man-eliminating initiatives in the mobile SoC and GPU departments. The help of suppliers like TSMC or Imagination Technologies will probably no longer be needed eventually, but until then, Tim Cook’s well-oiled machine has to get better, stronger, more knowledgeable of new tasks and processes.

Enter at least 25 former employees of longtime partner Imagination, which appear to have jumped ship to Apple in the past year or so. These include John Metcalfe, Dave Roberts, Jonathan Redshaw and Benjamin Bowman, hired in Senior Director, Engineering Manager, Director and GPU Architect positions respectively after previously working as a COO, Senior Design Manager, VP Hardware Engineering and Senior Software Engineering Manager for the UK-based PowerVR graphics processing unit designer.

There’s clearly something cooking, and no, we don’t mean a corporate takeover.

Source: Apple Insider

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